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Oh hi! Christopher Aguirre here. Welcome to my blog. This is where you’ll get to know the REAL me! And not just as the mildly insane guy who compulsively holds doors for others, wears two watches, and carries a placard with a different quote every day for the whole world to see. Oh, no, there’s much more to me. SO much more.
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OK, so with my recent interest in journalistic/informative writing in mind, I’ve decided to format this blog into segments. Each segment will be themed with a certain subject matter, with the exception of My Week in Review, which will just recount the details of my personal life accordingly.

  • My Week in Review- Basically, this is just my periodic summary of the notable and humorous events I encounter on a weekly basis (my journey throughout life, to be cliché), whether at school or the places I travel, as well as my interactions with acquaintances and family.
  • Headline Update- A segment in which I bring attention to the news and current events of the nation and world, followed by my personal opinion towards said information.
  • Paradigm Shift- This segment provides information on the latest highlights in the fields of science and technology, along with my thoughts about them. More often, though, the segment factually explains various scientific concepts and processes, usually because I deem it interesting, appropriate for the occasion, or simply a way for myself to learn more effectively.
  • Mu Alpha Theta-A non-technical segment in which I briefly discuss the historical impact and/or nature of random mathematics-related topics (e.g. Fibonacci Sequence, Game Theory, Topology, etc.)
  • All That Jazz- In this part of the blog, I reflect upon the music or any particularly captivating albums or singles I’m currently discovering and listening to. Fair advisory: I thoroughly enjoy jazz and thus listen to a LOT of it.
  • Not ‘The Onion’- A specialized news segment, named after the subreddit of the same name, in which I share and discuss selected articles that are strange or otherwise funny. It’s actually the most humor-oriented segment of this blog.
  • Poke Wars Podcast- This segment provides updates concerning the audio podcast known as Poke Wars (more often called The Poke Wars Podcast), particularly the episodes in which I am featured. The podcast itself is mostly run by a friend of mine, who regularly invites me and a few others to speak. Its website can be found at

As of this point, all of these are very experimental, but I hope to preserve all of these segments throughout my time of keeping this blog. At any rate, I ultimately aspire to grow in my understanding of today’s world while sharing stories about myself, not to mention entertaining and informing you, dear reader!

Phew. Now it’s time for some iced tea.

NOTE: I actually meant to publish this earlier, in late July this same year during my summer vacation, but after realizing that the post did express myself accordingly, I decided to post it at last.

After taking a completely voluntary summer course in Physics that began immediately after the previous school year ended, I have at last settled down since weekend past and am now writing here (almost live) from the magnificent city of Boston, Massachusetts. Normally, I use my summer vacation to go to Ecuador, but agreed to sort of shake things up in light of the scheduling complications that arose from said summer school.

Anyways, one of the first things I like to do whenever I visit somewhere new is to just pause for a few moments; to take in the ambiance of the environment. In the beaches of Florida, it was the quiet roaring of the wind on a spring afternoon combined with the moisture of the briny air rising out of the perpetual sea. During a certain stop in the Galápagos Islands, it was the colorful mosaic of birds-of-paradise and wildlife, as well as the diverse yet harmonious sounds said creatures produced. And in Detroit, it happened to be the boisterous din of cars and planes along with the somewhat disconcerting odor of smog permeating the local atmosphere. You get the idea.

But what I captured from my first standstill in Boston was a pleasing reconciliation of urban and suburban elements; majestic trees that I was not familiar with were found in many of the parks, which dotted the large metropolitan area that was Boston. This area didn’t seem to emanate the usual inner-city cacophony that I had experienced in Detroit; at least not to the same degree. 

In any case, that’s all I have for today. Until next time,

Christopher Aguirre 

Oh hi! Christopher Aguirre here. Welcome to Christopher Aguirre 180. This is where you’ll get to know the REAL me! And not just as the guy who compulsively holds doors for others, wears two watches, and carries a placard with a different quote every day for the whole world to see. Oh, no, there’s much more to me. SO much more.

For instance, my breakfast tends to be a fruit salad, usually consisting of sliced apples and oranges, cantaloupe, bananas- all glazed with a yogurt of my choice. If I’m really in a rush, I usually just have half a grapefruit, with a dash of yogurt. Of course, in that case, I usually have a big lunch to make up for my unsatisfying breakfast. I mean, a grapefruit? Come on! What kind of breakfast is that for the manager of the soon-to-dominate-the-nation inspirational quote delivery service, The Daily Quote? The answer: a terrible one!

Oh, yeah, and I sing in the shower. Mostly jazz standards, and mostly at high volume. I used to play the keyboard in there, too, but the shampoo clogged up all the keys. Do you know how much a decent replacement keyboard costs? Too much! Even Christopher Aguirre, host of the soon-to-break-all-world-records-of-viewership The Daily Quote has to draw the line someplace.

Anyway, there’s a LOT more where this came from, so stay tuned!

Always fascinating, always entertaining, always…

Christopher Aguirre

Hello all.

Before launching a formal start to this blog, I simply needed to pay my respects to the many suffered and died as a result of the tragic incident on July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado. May those who survived this horrific episode, whether by their own perseverance or through the courage of their loved ones whose fates were not as fortunate, find solace in the weeks and months ahead.

Christopher Aguirre

Photo credit goes to Alec Li.

It’s that time once again to commemorate the departure of the seniors as they take their IB exams and later graduate on May 19th. Two seniors in particular have had a great influence toward me during my first two years at ATL. This entry is dedicated to them.

I’m no doubt going to miss the great times on the bus with Michael Klionsky and Enrique Pinedo; Things simply won’t be the same without you. Who else would we share stories with? Tell tales of mishaps and mayhem, tragedy and triumph? Who would we play superfluous yet fun games with, from charades to that obscure math game Paul Zeitz spoke about at FAU Math Day. Sure, the freshmen make comparable company but they can never fill the void left by you two. I know both Sam Spiro and I appreciate it, and I think I speak for all when I say you will be missed.

I send warm regards to you and hope you enjoy your college life at CalTech, Michael. Enrique, may you find greater things to come during your time at UF.

Oh, and one more thing: KELBACH!